Time Together


A viewing can assist in the grieving process as it allows people to begin to accept the finality of the death of the person. It can be a time to place momentos such as cards, letters, small gifts, photos, flowers and other significant objects with the person.

Radcliffe Funeral Services recognise that our community is rapidly changing and so are its needs and cultural influences.  We are happy to make arrangements that fit with your wishes and that are at a time suitable to all family members.

Children benefit from being included in the preparations for a funeral. Spending some time together with the person who has died can be a positive experience as it allows them to say goodbye and helps them to accept the reality and finality of death.

Historically children were not involved in the funeral process. Today most experts would agree that children should have the same opportunity to view the deceased person and to attend the funeral if they so wish.

Radcliffe Funeral Services place as much importance on caring for your loved one as for the rest of the family. We treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve by ensuring that they are cared for by fully qualified and practicing embalmers which in turn allows them to be viewed in a dignified and respectful manner by their loved ones rather than being “remembered the way they were.”

Time Together

Some people find it helpful to spend time with the person who has died, before the funeral. This special time is an opportunity to say goodbye.